Galleria Continua

Nada Oigo 2018 (detail), MDF, leds light system and hand-cut vinyl on cutting mats, cutting mat drawing: 45,1 x 60,1 cm; cutting mat text: 45,2 x 60,2 cm; lightbox: 91 x 60,5 x 7 cm

At the UNAICC (National Center of Architects and Engineers of Cuba), a specialized center dedicated to the archive and investigation, the artist will present several works of recent production: a new series of lightboxes "Nada veo, nada digo, nada oigo", an installation conceived for the project, a series of puzzle works. Among the work also: "Sobre el bien y el mal se han escrito miles de páginas” (2017): a eagle and a dove from the two ends of a room force thousands of pages, which bleach from black to white, dense with dichotomies, contradictions and opposites, crushed by the necessity of History that constructs, destroys and rebuilds, combining intentions and cruelty and “Abismo” a video where Garaicoa uses the typical gestures of Nazi propaganda and removes them from their original context, thus creating a new historical narrative. The background music is the third movement of the quartet by the famous French composer, Olivier Messiaen.